What now? Dealing with life change

Is your status quo about to change?

Are you recently married or divorced? Have you lost a loved one? There are a number of life changing events that can turn your world upside down. It can be a time of confusion and uncertainty, happiness or sadness.

When ‘life’ happens, you will get plenty of advice from family and friends, but objective, professional advice can avoid missteps. It is likely you have never experienced the situation before, and during transitions, the decisions you make can impact your life for years to come.

Getting married or recently married?

Congratulations! Have you discussed how you will handle your finances now that you are one household? Perhaps you have a new baby in your family. Do you have children from a previous marriage? Are there special financial considerations to address? Start out on the right financial footing for your future together. We can help you make a spending plan, design a plan to reduce debt or make sure your new family is protected.

If you are in the middle of a divorce (or think that is where you are headed), learn what you can do to financially protect yourself and your children.

It is important to negotiate from a place of strength, and you do that with knowledge. We have helped many people in this situation by preparing them early in the process to understand what they have so they can negotiate for a fair share. Don’t wait until the ink is dry on the divorce decree, take action to preserve your options.

Some transitions are forced upon us with the loss of a spouse.

On top of the emotional heartache from losing your life partner, many financial decisions must be made. Paperwork is the least of your concerns. Having a knowledgeable and caring resource to help you through this difficult time can be reassuring.  Let Bucholtz & Germo carry some of the burden for you.

Emotionally charged decisions don’t often end well.

You can avoid costly mistakes by choosing a well-constructed plan from the start. Helping our clients choose the right path forward during transitions is a specialty of Bucholtz & Germo.  We will share our experience to help you through your transition. Our process looks at all the financial components for the ‘big picture’ and we design a plan that is unique to our clients’ needs.

By making sure your desires are always the top priority, we can help you make smart decisions for your new future. If you have more questions and would like to schedule a complimentary first meeting with us, click here for the First Meeting Organizer. Once you submit a completed First Meeting Organizer, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for your meeting. We look forward to meeting you.