Will I have enough to retire?

Do you know exactly how much money you need to retire?

How do you balance today's financial needs while preparing for your future? Are you unsure if you are making the financial progress you should? Do you feel you spend your money on what is most important to you? Do you worry that you might be "missing something"? Do you have a plan to safely withdraw money from your investments once you retire?

Bucholtz & Germos' Financial Planning Process can help you answer these important questions and build your financial confidence.

We use methods developed over 20 years of experience working with successful pre-retirees and retirees. Our Financial Planning Process is the foundation for our planning and wealth management relationship. Our process will:

  • Discover, document, and track progress towards your most important financial goals
  • Provide a “Financial Snapshot” to track your progress over time
  • Use pro-active tax planning to lower your tax bill and keep more of your money
  • Build your customized Retirement Income Plan to bring together all of your investments, Social Security benefits, pension plans, and 401k or other retirement plans to give you a monthly income estimate for your retirement
  • Evaluate how to get the most from your Social Security and available pension benefits
  • Identify ways to save automatically and regularly in the smartest way possible
  • Plan to eliminate or reduce your debt
  • Review and explain your investments so you understand what you own
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your investment plan (including costs & fees) and recommend any changes

Our Financial Planning Process will take you from a blurry financial outlook to clear goals and a timeline customized to you. You can set your sights on your plan and move forward  to achieve it. Click here for the First Meeting Organizer. Once you submit a completed First Meeting Organizer, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for your complimentary first meeting. We look forward to meeting you.