What makes Bucholtz & Germo different?

The easiest way to see what makes Bucholtz & Germo different is to take advantage of our No-cost, No-obligation First Meeting Offer. Here are some of the principles that set us apart.

We develop long term relationships with our clients. We do this by:

  • Caring personally for each of our clients
  • Seeking to understand what is most important to our clients
  • Delivering client-centered advice at all times
  • Working to support client financial goals and dreams

We put client interests first. We offer:

  • Client-centered advice, not product-centered advice
  • Fee-based compensation structure with full disclosure

We communicate with clients so that we can:

  • Provide greater clarity for financial decisions
  • Make financial concepts easy to understand
  • Work to explore, investigate, and present available options
  • Use financial planning to drive results
  • Spend time with prospective clients to make certain of a proper “fit” between our firm and their needs before moving forward
  • Work closely with client’s accountant to provide pro-active tax planning to potentially lower taxes

Bucholtz & Germo wealth management process is designed to:

  • Focus on strategies which provide the possibility of gains even in a down or flat stock market
  • Use investments that are not dependent on the stock or bond market
  • Avoid high-fee, low-value investments
  • Actively seek methods to minimize potential loss
  • Continually monitor client portfolios and make pro-active changes
  • Ruthlessly seek lower expenses, higher efficiency, and better value for clients

We at Bucholtz & Germo invite you to take advantage of our No-cost, No obligation First Meeting Offer.  This complimentary meeting provides prospective clients an opportunity to learn more about our strategy and firm.  The meeting is designed to answer any investment or financial planning questions you may have about your own unique situation.  It is a terrific opportunity to learn more and help you to make educated decisions about your financial future.