Business Owners

Financial Planning for Businesses

There's already a lot to consider when making a financial plan for your personal life - retirement planning, investment planning, tax strategies, and more. And when you add the needs of your business to that mix, it can make it even more complicated. At Bucholtz & Germo, we work with you, the business owner, to answer some of the following questions and come up with the best financial plan for you and your business.

  • Do you treat your business as a separate entity from yourself?
  • Could your business continue to operate in the case of your disability or death?
  • Have you taken advantage of the flexibility you have as a business owner to reduce your taxes and maximize retirement contributions?
  • Do you have a buy / sell agreement in place to protect you and your family in the case of your or any owners death or disability?
  • Do you have a retirement savings plan in place for your employees? Is it the best one for your business's specific needs?

If you'd like to meet with us and discuss any of the questions above (and more!), click here for the First Meeting Organizer. Once you submit a completed First Meeting Organizer, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for your complimentary first meeting. We look forward to meeting you.