Long-Term Care

Planning for Long-Term Care

Deciding whether to buy long-term care insurance is a difficult one. First, you don’t know if you will claim any benefits from your policy. And if you do claim benefits, you will likely only receive a portion of what you paid for. Lastly, the rates for your policy may rise over time. And yet without a policy, a prolonged stay in a nursing home can wipe out a lifetime of savings and leave a surviving spouse with no financial resources.

Our long-term care strategy uses the following principles:

  • Earmark a portion of assets for possible long-term care expense
  • Preserve the earmarked assets in the event care is not needed
  • Minimize the cost of protection
  • Plan differently for married couples vs. singles
  • Provide certainty that benefits will eventually be paid
  • Provide a solution regardless of health

We offer a complimentary Long-Term Care Assessment which analyzes your Long-Term Care insurance need, gives costs for traditional Long-Term Care Insurance, and provides a proposal detailing our strategy for potential costs while maintaining your retirement goals.

If you are thinking about making the decision to pursue long-term care insurance and would like to meet with us to discuss it, click here for the First Meeting Organizer. Once you submit a completed First Meeting Organizer, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for your complimentary first meeting. We look forward to meeting you.