Life Insurance

Have you ever worried that your family won't be taken care of if something happens to you unexpectedly?

Do you need life insurance?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you probably need life insurance:

  • Does anyone depend on the income you provide?
  • Does anyone count on you for day-to-day support?
  • Do you have financial goals you want to accomplish even if you die?
  • Do you have any debt that others are obligated to pay upon your death?

So why don’t people buy the life insurance they need?

  • Purchasing life insurance forces you to face your mortality. We prefer to think of death as something that happens to “someone else”.
  • Buying life insurance is something you do for others. When you die, you will not be around to see what happens to your loved ones.
  • It’s not easy to get good advice on life insurance. Life insurance salesman are notoriously persistent. They are paid by commission which can drive their advice.

We use a simple process that takes the mystery out of purchasing life insurance and eliminates common mistakes.

  • Use our Life Insurance Life Cycle to determine if life insurance is even needed, then how much life insurance to buy, and how long it needs to be in place.
  • Identify the lowest cost insurance solution that meets our clients’ needs.
  • Make certain insurance solution provides an option to convert the insurance into permanent insurance.

So how much life insurance do I need?

Most people want to pay off all of their debt, replace the income they bring into their family, and make certain that future financial goals are provided for the family. But how can you come up with a number that accomplishes these goals? Bucholtz & Germo's Life Insurance Life Cycle formula can provide an estimate of your insurance need that makes logical sense.


By breaking down life insurance need into three factors (Financial Obligations and Responsibilities, Goals, Current Wealth) we can work through the numbers with our clients so they understand how much life insurance is needed and feel confident they have the right amount of coverage.

Where should I buy my life insurance?

It is important to purchase insurance from someone who has access to many different insurance companies so that they can seek out the most competitive policy for you from a variety of insurance companies.

Bucholtz & Germo has access to over 50+ top-rated insurance companies so we can find the right policy for our clients. This provides flexibility for accessing good rates for various health conditions and makes certain we receive good value for clients’ insurance dollars.

We offer our Life Insurance Life Cycle Formula free of charge.

Please click here, complete your information, and we will get your customized report back to you. This report will provide you with an estimate of the amount of insurance you need along with an estimate of costs. It is a valuable report designed just for you.

If you would like to come in and discuss everything with us, click here to be taken to our First Meeting Organizer. Fill in the information, send it back to us, and we will schedule your free first meeting where you can learn more about this important tool.

If you'd like to view a step-by-step of how we calculate your life insurance need, check out our Life Insurance Case Study below.