First Meeting Organizer

Are you ready for your first meeting with us?

If you haven't met with us already, please complete the First Meeting Organizer at the bottom of this page at least one day prior to your first meeting to allow us time to review it. The purpose of the organizer is to help us better understand your needs and make your meeting with Bucholtz & Germo more productive by gathering basic information before we meet.

If you prefer to complete the First Meeting Organizer by hand, click here, print and follow the instructions on the printed copy.

Please plan to bring the following financial information to your initial meeting:

  • Recent tax return
  • Recent investment statements
  • Pension or retirement plan information

If you'd like to come talk to us, but haven't yet scheduled a meeting, feel free to fill out the First Meeting Organizer. We will follow up with you shortly after we receive your request to schedule your first complimentary meeting.

Please contact our office at (440) 944-7070 or (800) 944-3134 if you have any questions as you work through the First Meeting Organizer.


Bucholtz & Germo maintains strict confidentiality. Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser.

    Your Name

    Date of Birth

    Spouse Name

    Date of Birth

    Street Address




    Phone Cell

    Phone Home


    Do you have children?

    If yes, please provide their names and birthdates:
    Child's Name

    Date of Birth

    Child's Name

    Date of Birth

    Child's Name

    Date of Birth

    Are you currently employed?
    If yes, please provide the name of your employer and job title:
    Company Name

    Job Title

    Work Phone

    Work Email

    Is your spouse currently employed?
    If yes, please provide the name of their employer and job title:
    Spouse Company Name

    Spouse Job Title

    What is your approximate annual income from all sources?
    Your Income:
    Spouse Income:

    What prompted you to contact Bucholtz & Germo?

    What would you like your initial meeting to focus on?

    What are your biggest financial concerns?

    Do you currently work with a Certified Financial PlannerTM Practitioner?

    Do you have a will?
    When was your will last updated?

    Do you have a trust?
    Do you use an accountant to prepare your taxes?
    If yes, what accountant do you use?

    Have you had a tax planning appointment in the past year?
    Have you written out your long term financial goals?

    What is the approximate value of all your CD’s, savings, and checking accounts?
    less than $50,000$50,000 to $150,000$150,000 to $250,000$250,000 to $500,000$500,000 to $1,000,000More than $1,000,000
    What is the approximate value of all your retirement plans and IRA’s? (401k, etc)
    less than $50,000$50,000 to $150,000$150,000 to $250,000$250,000 to $500,000$500,000 to $1,000,000More than $1,000,000

    Do you have an ownership interest in a business?

    If yes, please list type of business and business name

    Type of Business

    Business Name

    Do you expect to receive any pension benefits?
    Do you hold any notes payable? (Money owed to you)

    What is the approximate market value of your home?

    Do you have a mortgage on your home?
    If yes, what is the balance on the loan and the interest rate?
    Loan Balance

    Interest Rate

    Please indicate any other debt you currently have
    Home Equity

    Second Mortgage

    Car Loan

    Credit Card Debt (If you carry a balance)

    Business Debt


    Do you own any other real estate?

    Do you have any life insurance?

    Has your life insurance been reviewed in the last five years?

    Do you have disability insurance?